Corporate Lets & Relocation


Welcome to our friends from all over the world from Julia Weston Lettings


By now you are probably worrying about arriving in the UK, how you will find your home, will it be safe, what is the standard you can expect and how on earth will you do this in 7 days. Please do not worry – Julia Weston has experience with the concerns and worries of offshore resources coming to the UK . There are time constraints, a need to make quick decisions and a need to find someone you can trust to help you find good quality living accommodation so that you can concentrate with your important new role without worrying about your partner or your belongings. To make things as easy as possible you need to start looking whilst offshore. Your first step is to email me your requirements by sending a detailed email. Emails are much better initially than phone calls as we can log your requirements, date of arrival to the UK and try to find a property that will exactly suit your needs. We are here to help you be happy in your new “temporary” home.


Safe travelling,